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I want to tell you a dramatic story about an amazing cat – Mrs Chippy, but first let me relate my own experiences with these wonderful animals.


 I’ve been a cat lover for many years. Mozart, a gentle, large grey tabby, shared my life for 14 years. During that time, we had many adventures together including a year when I left him in the care of tenants while I was out of the country. They made him feel a stranger in his own home as they brought their own cat without telling me. It took a month or so for him to forgive me for this rough period in his life. Mozart ‘wrote’ two books expressing his views on a range of topics. You will see these books available at the side of this blog. After he died, I felt lost and a little depressed. However, 6 months after his passing, two cats I had never seen before, arrived at my front door. Socrates and Plato have been with me ever since. I have no idea where they came from but it is a joy to share my life with them. They are incredibly close and go everywhere together. read more