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There are a surprising number of late 19th century houses still standing in various places around New Zealand. Many of these homes can be classed as mansions because of their sprawling size and numbers of rooms. Some come with large areas of land while others are found amongst the urban housing in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.


Alberton was built in 1863 in what is now the Auckland suburb of Mt. Albert as a large timber farmhouse for the Garlick family who were major figures in the local Methodist community.  In the 1870s Allan Taylor and his second wife 18 year old Sophia, purchased the modest farmhouse and transformed it into a truly grand Raj-themed mansion, inspired by the country of Allan’s birth. The impressive 18-room home hosted numerous glittering events for early Auckland’s fashionable set, where garden parties, mounted hunts and archery were enjoyed in a distinctly Victorian manner. read more