I started this blog site back in July last year. In those 6 months, I’ve published 42 blogs covering a wide range of topics from individuals who have created history in one way or another to scenic wonders and popular destinations within New Zealand. I’ve also written about the weird and wonderful such as steampunk and people who marry inanimate structures.

I’ve discussed amazing inventions and world breaking achievements. There have also been blogs on murder cases as well as international superstars.

I have endeavoured to keep the subject matter varied and of interest to  readers across the world. As I say on the ‘About’ page, I have kept away from waffle and padding as I like to get to the point quickly. I have also researched each subject thoroughly and try to write from personal experience as much as I can. I source the most interesting images to add eye appeal to each blog too.

For the past 12 blogs, I’ve not received any comments. The visitor counter testifies many are checking my site out each day which is great but the comments are important to me because they give me an indication of how I’m doing and if what I’m writing is of continuing interest to you all out there.

I have a heap of subjects on my list to write about in upcoming blogs but without your comments I’m not sure if I need to change anything. As I do this as a labour of love, I need feedback.

I look forward to your comments. You just need to click on the “leave a comment” at the top and bottom of each blog.

Thank you

Ceidrik Heward

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