Arrowtown has been called “the world’s first million dollar small town”.



Located in the lakes district of  Central Otago, the quaint and attractive little settlement of Arrowtown offers a peaceful, quiet environment.  It currently has a resident population of 2,200 and over the past eight years, it was the fastest growing small town in New Zealand.

Arrowtown is now the first small town where every house, including the small, modest ones, are worth over one million dollars! Yes, it’s true! In fact, there are no other comparable towns in the world where the value is so high. The amazing land price is due to ring fence zoning meaning no new land is available for development. If the population is to grow, multi storied accommodations must be built but currently this is not an option as the town’s only draw card is its colourful history and to change the look of the town with high rise buildings would completely destroy the character and appearance that are the town’s lucrative attractions. read more