Numerous extinct and dormant volcanoes are dotted across the New Zealand landscape. There are even a handful of active ones just to keep things interesting. The larger volcanoes are spectacular and provide photo opportunities and sporting activities to both visitor and locals alike.

The largest concentration of dormant volcanoes is found across Auckland. The city sits on a volcanic field with an estimated 53 cones and craters dotted amongst the urban sprawl. The sides of the cones are grass covered as Maori disapprove of housing on their slopes. For this reason, the cones stick out like green pimples on Auckland’s face! Dormant means they could erupt again in the future. In fact just recently, new measures were taken to monitor underground movements. If the city’s stomach gets indigestion, it’s time to run for the hills. Authorities tell Aucklanders they will have around 30 minutes to flee an eruption once a rumble has been detected!!!! read more