Black is a key identifying feature of the New Zealand sportsmen. In any international sporting event, people around the world know an athlete wearing black is a New Zealander.

New Zealand has adopted black as the nation’s corporate colour. Even Air New Zealand is changing its aircraft colours from blue to black. The country’s sporting flag has a black background and is more recognizable as representing New Zealand than the official flag that is too close to Australia’s to be distinctive.  Most non-New Zealanders wouldn’t be able to recognize the national flag but the silver fern on the black background stands out as New Zealand’s flag.Technically, black is not a color, rather, it is un-manifested light, but it does give power to other colors. “Black is like a broken vessel, which is deprived of the capacity to contain anything.” said Leonardo da Vinci. People who are drawn to black like to project an air of mystery and they value prestige. Black lovers tend to be dignified, serious and sexy and regard themselves superior to others. read more