Ceidrik Heward

Ceidrik Heward


I’ve always lived by the motto that experience is the best teacher. I left home to see the world when I was 21 and over the following few decades, I worked as an assistant manager for a cinema chain in Toronto, then I secured a liaison position with the United Nations in New York. Moving to Britain, I worked as a TV cameraman for the BBC in both Glasgow and London. During this time, I was sent to exotic places like Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon and Spain, not to mention the wonderful British locations that few Brits have been to. I have also been fortunate to visit most European countries, the Chinese mainland and the Pacific Islands of Tahiti, New Caledonia and Fiji.

After my life as a cameraman, I worked as a film director in Sydney and Hong Kong and taught film making in Auckland, Kuwait and Dubai.

While working and travelling around the world, I had many dramatic experiences including being caught in the crossfire between two snipers in Belfast and inadvertently stepping into a mine field in the Libyan Desert, along with three other life threatening incidents. While filming in the Cairo Museum I carefully held in my trembling hands the 3,300 year old head of  Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti. I was left clutching the priceless head for around five minutes while a security issue was addressed elsewhere in the building. Not many people can claim to have touched, let alone held, such a most beautiful and precious artifact.

Another memorable experience was sitting at sunset on a cliff top of an isolated little island as the sky turned black with thick waves of seabirds returning to their home for the night. The sight and sound of thousands of wings fluttering was out of this world and it was humbling to see this awesome display of nature. This, and many other magical events have stayed with me to this day.

These amazing experiences eventually inspired me to start writing, so for the past decade, I’ve focused on creating numerous books and screenplays. My articles and stories covering a wide range of topics have been published in books, magazines and newspapers in 7 countries from Asia to Europe, Australia and America.


My aim with HEWARDBLOG.COM is to write  material to inform and entertain every reader. I also plan to invite people to write about issues that concern them. It won’t be a discussion forum as such, rather, I hope it will be a platform offering material to make you think about life, love, fun and travel. There is a comment section so you have the opportunity to let others know your reactions to the thought provoking blogs I hope to provide to you all.

I’m a firm believer in getting to the point so for that reason, I don’t like waffle. My blogs will not be loaded with padding. I will state what I want to say as concisely as I can and leave it at that.


With the large amount of information I have gained in completing  9 books on New Zealand, (all available on Amazon) I will start by writing a series of blogs about this isolated little country that has become of interest to people searching for safety from the crazy events taking place in many countries. I will focus on New Zealand issues including daily life, immigration, work, social issues and of course, I will take you around the spectacular locations that have made New Zealand such a magnet for the international tourist.

I hope you all enjoy the blogs that I look forward to supplying on HEWARDBLOG.COM