NZ map

Surrounded by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is one of the most isolated countries in the world. In the past, this hindered the development of a tourist industry and made New Zealand somewhat a backwater nation.


With mass shootings in the USA too frequently hitting the headlines as well as the terror attacks in France, Germany and Turkey spreading fear across Europe, New Zealand’s geographic isolation has become a draw card for those wanting a peaceful place to both live in and visit. Increasing numbers of European and American tourists are looking to New Zealand for a holiday where they can feel safe.  Until recently, Americans had no idea about New Zealand. When I lived in New York, many locals thought it was somewhere in Ireland or Australia. (yes! honestly!) With the popularity of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ films, New Zealand became recognized as a country with its own unique scenery and lifestyle. The singer Lorde has also helped raise interest in her country. Someone who can win so many singing awards must come from an interesting place worthy of further investigation. read more