There are a number of locations around New Zealand believed to be haunted. The most famous, with many documented cases of supernatural disturbances, are Larnach Castle in Dunedin and the Vulcan Hotel at St. Bathans.

Ghosts have fascinated and scared people for hundreds of years and to say a place is haunted either attracts or repels people. I have had a personal experience with a ghost and am sure you would like to know all about it so read on:


As I recall it now, the whole thing seems so incredible, that it’s hard to believe it actually happened. It took place at a well-to-do inner city Glasgow address. I had just secured a position at the BBC and was delighted to find a place only a few streets away from the studios.  The flat was numbered 64 and was located in the middle of a pleasant three storied tenement row. The ground floor tenants were a young couple in their late twenties who introduced themselves when I moved in. I’ve no recollection of any names. He was a little overweight and wore tatty clothes. His hair needed washing. She was thin with an artificial grin that appeared somewhat unnatural. They did point out I wasn’t to disturb them. If I heard ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra” (the theme from the film ‘2001’) blaring from their stereo, they’d be making love. “Fine!” I thought. “good to know that!” read more