New Zealand is known for its variety of exciting activities aimed at tourists. In recent years it has been labelled the country for danger tourism. Unfortunately as people put their bodies on the line to experience these white knuckle attractions, they can also put their lives at risk. There have been some deaths caused by partaking of these activities but this only enhances the appeal they hold for those wanting to have an adrenaline filled holiday!!

 I have previously written about the Kiwi urge to jump off cliffs and plummet down raging rivers on small rafts. There is something in the Kiwi character that excites it when faced with controllable danger. To this end, it is no surprise that the bungy jump, the jet boat and the Zorb were all created by New Zealanders. Kiwis have also fine-tuned zip lining. In fact, Cable Bay Adventure Park near Nelson has recently opened the next generation of zip lining. Called the ‘Skywire’ this thrilling attraction is the longest flying fox in the world. It is also New Zealand’s latest thrill seeker ride. It consists of a four seat open carriage suspended from a wire which travels at 100kph above the native forest. The 10 minute ride is 3km long and is just the start for owner of the park, Richard Ussher who plans to make Cable Bay Adventure Park the best of its type in the world. read more