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UNESCO has designated Dunedin a “City of Literature”. This is not surprising as it is home to New Zealand’s oldest university and the country’s first polytechnic which is now regarded as one of the best in Australasia. On top of this, four of the city’s secondary schools are among the most prestigious in New Zealand.Dunedin is also home to New Zealand’s first art gallery and first public library and some of the finest museums in the southern hemisphere.

Dunedin City

If this wasn’t enough to establish Dunedin as a cultural dynamo, my home town is also noted internationally for the finest collection of Victorian and Edwardian buildings in the southern hemisphere (along with Melbourne). However,  a number of large industries have left the city in recent years and the pace of growth has caused it to slip from the country’s 4th major city to its current position of 6th. This has resulted in a number of inner city buildings being abandoned. It wasn’t a good look and for a time, the empty buildings began to decay and look unattractive. However, being a resilient lot, someone came up with the idea of introducing street art to brighten up these building and to add some colour to the ‘Warehouse Precinct’ as this area is now called. Dunedin’s many low rise warehouses with their plaster and brick walls were ideal for the application of colourful murals. read more