Straddling an isthmus with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Tasman Sea on the other, it is no surprise that 50 islands surround Auckland’s urban sprawl. However, many are small and unoccupied and are only suitable for gazing at as you sail by. However, many are known to Aucklanders for specific reasons. Rangitoto Island is the city’s most recognized natural landmark. Kawau Island is noted for the mansion Governor Grey built in the early days of European settlement. Tiritiri Matangi Island is noted for the wildlife that flourishes there. Waiheke is an island suburb with close to 9,000 people living there. However, there is an island not far from the CBD that is little known by the majority of those living in Auckland. It is located in the Manukau Harbour. I’ve lived in Auckland for 20 years and have never explored this harbour. I have only glimpsed it on trips to the airport where a bridge crosses it near the modest wharf at Onehunga. I find the western side of Auckland has a somewhat foreboding feel. I have mentioned this in the blog I wrote on Piha Beach. Others have also said they feel uncomfortable in this area too so it’s not just me that is happier staying away from this side of the sprawling city. read more