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Have a look at some tips on how to hold a baby!!

That video was the first in a series that to date has attracted 6 million views on You Tube. Auckland dad, Jordan Watson used his daughter as his co-star and with subsequent ‘how to’ videos now online, Jordan is poised to be the next internationally successful New Zealand comedian.

“How to wash a baby in a sink” (You Tube)

In recent years, Kiwi humour has become popular outside New Zealand. Jordan’s biggest fan bases are in the USA and Britain, and oddly Singapore! People in those countries find the archetypal Kiwi male in his shorts, old t-shirt and bare feet, intriguing. I believe this archetype character was influenced by the early settler work ethic. The first Europeans had a tough time taming the densely forested landscape. New Zealand’s isolation from Europe meant they had to make do with the materials and equipment they had. It was often a matter of being inventive. This helped create the laid back ‘she’ll be right’ attitude Kiwis are noted for and the shorts, old t-shirt and bare feet symbolize this. (When I saw How to wash a baby in a sink, I have to admit, I laughed out loud. A viewer complained to Mark Zuckerberg  and demanded he close down Watson’s Facebook page because of this hilarious clip) read more