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Many of my blog readers are in America, Britain and Germany, so after 120 blogs, I thought it was time I wrote about my home town to give you a flavour of the place. Dunedin is unlike any other New Zealand city because it was not heavily influenced by Maori culture in its early history, as other New Zealand places were. With a strong Scottish influence, it has the “feel” of a northern European town, not a colonial one.

Dunedin City (Ceidrik Heward)

I’ve lived in Auckland for over 20 years and can’t remember meeting a local who has visited Dunedin.  It is seldom talked about apart from the cold weather that most northerners associate with the place. I don’t know why Dunedin tourism doesn’t do more to promote this afterall, it is warmer than many dynamic European cities who have exciting weather related events to attract visitors. read more