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Bluebill (

The first two planes Boeing built were prototypes named Bluebill and Mallard. They became a common sight in the skies around Auckland and it is claimed they are buried in a tunnel under North Head on the city’s North Shore.

On June 15, 1916, William E. Boeing (who died in 1956) flew his two seated, single engine float plane Bluebill, above Lake Union in Seattle, USA. He had helped to design and construct the little aircraft in the Pacific Aero Club’s hanger at the foot of the lake. It was the first plane to be built by what was to become the huge Boeing Company. Another successful flight in the little plane was undertaken two weeks later. In November that year, a second plane, also named after a duck, this one, the Mallard was flown from the same location. Both aircraft proved to be stable and airworthy and robust enough to undertake routine flights. read more