With summer in New Zealand just a few weeks away, our thoughts turn to outdoor activities and beaches are often the first places we consider visiting. I have written about New Zealand beaches in previous blogs but in this one, I will focus on the two I have a particular liking for. One is in the South Island, the other in the North Island.


I grew up in Dunedin within walking distance of St. Kilda and St. Clair beaches. I have many fond memories of warm summers on this beautiful stretch of sand curving from the cliffs at St. Clair to the cliffs at Lawyers Head. This sandy sweep of coastline is regarded as one of the finest inner-city beaches in New Zealand.  The St. Clair end is favoured by surfers who flock from all over the South Island to ride the wild surf that frequently rolls onto the sand at this end of the beach. It is known for the most consistent surf break in New Zealand.  read more