According to an international sex survey taken 4 years ago, New Zealand was placed ninth in the world, just ahead of Italy, for the number of yearly sexual encounters per person. Surprisingly, Greece came in first with 164 encounters a year. New Zealanders managed 122 partners per person per year.


From roadside couplings around conservative Palmerston North, to beach fun in the northern city of Whangarei, Kiwis like going outdoors for a bit of lovemaking during the warm summer months.

I chatted to a couple of German backpackers in their 20s while we rolled our way on the ferry across Cook Strait. The conversation was memorable because they mentioned one of the main attractions for them while travelling around New Zealand was the ease in finding secluded outdoor places to have sex. They particularly liked the South Island because the lack of population coupled with the spectacular scenery made outdoor sex exciting and memorable for them.

(Backpacker Guide NZ)

Market research company, Colmar Brunton surveyed more than 1000 Kiwis about their sexual encounters. They wanted to know hot spots and the times of year that Kiwis are most likely to engage in sex. The survey revealed that 44% of New Zealanders have had sex in a public place while 12% would like to. (The same percentage of young Parisians has also had sex outdoors. So Kiwis are as sexually uninhibited as those who live in the French ‘city of love’) 52% had also had a one night stand, with the city of Hamilton taking out the top spot for one night stands. One in two people in that city admitted to having engaged in public sex. It was also revealed that 15% of Kiwis around the country have had sex in a public toilet. Like all public sex, it is the risk of being caught that adds excitement to the activity. According to the survey, 45% have more sex while on holiday then they usually have at home due to a change of environment and routine.


The survey ranked beaches as one of the top spots for outdoor sex, with nearly half of all those surveyed revealing they have engaged in some sandy fun. At the top of the country in Northland, also known as the ‘winterless north’ 56% of respondents said they enjoyed sex on a beach at least once over the previous year.

Further south in the dairy region of the Waikato, 62% of participants from the area claimed they have had sex in a tent, and 51% of those from other regions confessing to the same. Tents were not all pitched near beaches. There are many areas around New Zealand from bush to rolling fields where a tent can be set up away from prying eyes for some hanky panky (as the German couple pointed out to me on the ferry)


Sex in a vehicle also ranked surprisingly high in the survey with 63% of Kiwis admitted to pulling the car over to the side of a quiet road for a quick bonk. A staggering 74% of Palmerston North inhabitants confessed to having ‘done it’ in a car at least once. In fact, this quiet North Island city produced more surprising results with 21% of the inhabitants claiming they engaged in sex in a public toilet, compared to15% across the rest of the country.


Other interesting facts presented by the survey included one in four Kiwis have more sex in summer and 46% have more sex on weekends. 12% of New Zealanders have had sex at a summer music festival with Hamilton being the festival sex capital! In fact, an impressive 20% of Hamiltonians have had sex at a festival. New Year’s Eve inspires one in seven Kiwis to have sex as part of the celebrations. And here is another interesting discovery from the survey – 8% of respondents from the Hawkes Bay region which includes the cities of Napier and Hastings, reported having had sex on a plane. Finally, one in four Kiwis are more likely to have sex on their birthday than a normal day. Happy birthday dear readers!!!

Did you find these facts interesting?

Ceidrik Heward

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