The New Zealand accent has been named the sexiest accent in the world, according to a new international survey. “The ‘Newzild’ dialect is outrageously charming,” the travel site Big 7 Travel wrote. Survey participants were asked to rate their top 10 accents from a shortlist of 100, with the 50-highest scoring accents making up the final published results. There are over 7,000 accents worldwide.

Big 7 Travel provides information on where to go and what to do in every city across the globe for both the business and pleasure traveller. After polling 8,500 people from 60 countries to discover the world’s sexiest accent they found the Kiwi accent as spoken by singer Lorde and actor Keith Urban to be the most alluring, ranking it number one out of 100 selected accents.

One behind the Kiwi accent in 2nd place was the South African one. Afrikaans is hugely popular around the world because of its unique tones. 3rd most voted sexy accent behind Afrikaans went to the Irish way of speaking English with its unique cadence. The way the Irish accent gently rises and falls was deemed almost, but not quite, as sexy as the Kiwi accent..

According to the survey’s participants, the Italian accent earned fourth place on the list because “any word in Italian sounds sexy. It massages the ear with its beauty.” Also included among the top 10 was Scottish, French, Spanish, Southern US, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The Scottish accent led the way for accents spoken across Britain and was placed sixth with its “rich sounds and harsh vowels” Liverpool’s Scouse accent was placed 32nd on the list, with the Geordie accent from Newcastle, which is “notoriously difficult to understand”, according to the travel site, named 41st. 

A New Yorker accent, described as “fast and hyper-nasal”, proved to be even less charming, coming in at 44th. Croatian, which came in last place, was the “least-popular” and was bottom of the short listed accents.


Placed in 48th place,the Thai language was declared very tonal and not sexy. At 47th the Pakistani accent was generally unpopular and just managed to make the list. At position 46 German was called too harsh but clear. In 45th place, the Welsh accent was considered soft and lyrical but not sexy. 43rd place went to Mandarin Chinese and one behind went to Japanese. Both were considered quite soft and reasonably pleasant to the ear. In 37th place, the Norwegian accent was noted for its sing song sound. The survey participants liked the Russian short vowels which they considered quite sexy and it was placed at 34 on the list. At 27th, Polish was declared the most popular Slavic accent. The Indian accent was placed at 26 because it was declared to be easy on the ear. Danish was liked by the survey participants and came in at 16. My favourite and 12th on the list is the Queen’s English, (think of the way Hugh Grant speaks). It’s crisp, posh and very sexy. French came in at 7th and is another favourite of mine. French is the language of love so has to be sexy.


Kiwis may have the world’s sexiest accent but Kiwi men have fallen short with their sexy behaviour in the bedroom. A global survey completed by more than 22,700 members of online dating site Saucy Dates has rated New Zealand men as the world’s worst lovers, while South African and American men have come out as dream lovers. Members had to rank the last person they slept with from 0 for worst to 10 for best, and then reveal which country their lover had come from. Those surveyed gave Kiwi guys a rating of 4 out of 10. Next lowest were men from the United Kingdom with a 6/10. New Zealand women were not much better, rating 6 out of 10 placing them at the lowest of the 11 countries included in the survey. Australian and Spanish women also received the same poor rating.

Oh, well, Kiwis may not be much cop in bed but if you get them to speak, you will probably hear them talk in the sexiest accent in the world.

Ceidrik Heward

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