My last blog MARY POPPINS RETURNS created some interesting comments from readers. It appears many people agree with me when I said the power of the imagination should never be underestimated.

The latest World Culture Score Index declared people in India, China and Thailand read the most spending on average 10 hours a week with a book. Those in Germany and Britain read for half this time with New Zealanders slightly better readers spending 6 hours a week with a book.


I read a report in the media this week stating children around the world, especially in Europe and Asia are turning to books in increasing numbers (excluding the USA where the percentage has dropped by 5% in the past two years). Educators say young readers are more content and focused than those who spend their time on devices trawling the social media sites for entertainment. Social media also creates competition and jealously when those wanting to show off or impress others, post photos of exotic places, expensive clothes and gourmet meals. Those influenced with these displays of apparent success can feel inadequate. This in turn, leads to feelings of inferiority and taken to a darker extreme, can lead to depression and even suicide. read more