During the Second World War, there were two brave New Zealander’s who became thorns in Hitler’s side. He developed a burning hatred of them (along with countless others) and did his best to have them killed. One worked on exposing him for the fool he was and the other tried her best to thwart his army’s activities in France.

Hitler and his Troops


Born in Dunedin in April 1891, David Low became fascinated with cartoons after discovering them in Punch and began dabbling with a pencil. He had his first cartoon published when he was just 11 years old. It represented the local authorities as lunatics because of their reluctance to remove certain trees that obstructed traffic. At this young age, he also created cartoons for the Salvation Army’s magazine the War Cry.  David never finished school. He preferred to spend his time studying a local Christchurch artist drawing in Cathedral Square. After a period of sending his cartoons to Australian editors, he was offered a position on The Bulletin. In 1918, a collection of his caricatures was published in The Billy Book . Being focused on bigger things, David sent copies of the book to English editors and in 1919 he was offered a position with The Star, a London evening newspaper.  His political cartoons soon became popular with Londoners and in 1927 he was offered more money to work for the Evening Standard newspaper on condition he was given complete freedom from editorial interference. From this time, David Low became a household name across England for his political cartoons, usually criticizing the politicians who were making unpopular decisions on a wide range of issues. He was seen as the people’s champion and even spent time as a commentator on the BBC. read more